Moving & a Tribute


My grandmother, Lala, and I in Calistoga (A place she took me every summer during my childhood)

I am both saddened and excited to announce to you that LALA PREGNANCY HEALTH & WELLNESS is coming to an end, or should I say a new beginning? I would like to thank all of my supporters who always read my blogs and shared them. Thank you to my family and friends for supporting my blog and a big shout out to my husband aka partner in crime. I am happy to announce that we are moving to a new site and creating something very special. These two years have been great blogging and I hope that you can find my new project as informative as this one. As I am saying goodbye I would like to tell you the actual story behind Lala.

Why Lala?

Lala was my grandmother, more of a second mother. She was born in Odessa, Ukraine and came to the US in 1990. She loved Odessa and used to tell me beautiful stories of the Black Sea. She was a nurse that took care of babies, a food inspector, a cook, and in my books a saint. She helped everyone and everything that she could. She was the most inspiring, funny, and beautiful woman I knew and I’m not just saying that because she was my grandmother. Everyone around her knew that. Honestly, words cannot describe how beautiful of a person she was. This blog has been dedicated to her memory, and my next project includes her delicious recipes.

Please look out for an upcoming link to my new project. Coming soon!

Please leave any comments to say goodbye to LALA PREGNANCY HEALTH & WELLNESS!

I look forward to blogging with you soon:)


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