Top 12 Reasons not to send your child to a Russian preschool


1. The owner was raised in the Soviet Union and kept their communist ways. There is a reason my parents ran away from that country.

2. They say they feed your child healthy organic food. Turns out they’ve been feeding all the kids hot dogs and chicken nuggets. I should have asked what their definition of healthy is.

3. Never ask about their education or experience. Obviously ignorance is bliss.

4. The motto of the school is “I do what I want” meaning the owner does what they want.

5. You can’t observe your child because the owner called “title 22” which they obviously misread. According to it a parent can come in and observe their child whenever they want. According to the owner a parent can do the hokey pokey to see their child by putting one foot in and one foot out.

6. Toilets are not for potty training. God forbid one of the kids pees on the floor.

7. A hypocrite. Insults you by saying you do nothing but sit on facebook all day. How did they know? Because they secretly stalk you on there watching your every move. If you write a blog and post it, know you will see them the next morning (which is a suprise since they are never there) commenting about your post asking you to take it down.

8. They will bother you night and day until you write a positive yelp review and give them 5 stars. Have you ever wondered why some schools have all positive reviews only?

9. They will demand that you pay extra money on top of tuition because one teacher aid left and you need to pay for a new one. By the way while you’re at it buy new toys for the class.

10. They will send your child home in a diaper that leaked through with pee & poop and think its normal.

11. When you leave the first preschool trying to find another one because you hope that your child can retain the Russian language, you find out that most of the little preschools hate the owner of the big preschool and its a Russian war zone. Like the “Real Housewives of OC” but “Real Russian Preschool Owners of the Valley.”

12. Feed them food that you asked them not to feed your child because he’s allergic. You wrote a list and told them twice, yet your little one comes home with itchy red rashes and tells you he had what he wasn’t suppossed to.

*This is not written about one particular school or experience. Use common sense and pick the right preschool for your toddler near you!


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