Preschool Beginnings…


       I was racing to pick up my little one today from preschool. I was so excited, picking him up is my favorite part. I love it because I get to see his smile and catch him after he runs to me. I always pick him up and hold him tightly because I’m realizing how fast he’s growing up. Sending him to preschool was a hard transition for me. I was used to him being home and under my supervision (we had three cameras installed). The first few weeks he cried everytime I would drop him off but I took a deep breath and left. Sometimes I felt like crying in the parking lot. It was heart breaking to hear him scream, but I  was always reassured that he stopped crying after I left. I was lucky because I received updates and pictures of how he was doing throughout the day. I knew preschool would be good for him and my husband and I made sure to send him to the best one. Honestly, we only interviewed one but as soon as I stepped foot in there I fell in love with it and I knew our son would too. Now there are screams of joy and him yelling the preschool name as we get ready in the morning. It makes me happy that he is actually liking it but today really hit it hard.

The sun was setting as I was driving to pick him up. The colors of the sky were beautiful: pink, yellow, and orange. I came inside to pick him and he acknowledged my presence but didn’t want to leave. Today I realized that changes are happening fast and even though I’m not ready to give up my little baby, I have to be aware of the new transition. This overprotective Mama has an inner battle to fight. As the sun set and the night sky appeared, we drove home and I wondered what new challenges will tomorrow bring. I think preschool is harder on moms than on the little ones. Sometimes I just wish I could pause time, rewind, and just hold my little one in my arms for as long as I can.

5 key questions to focus on when picking a preschool:

1. Food! I worked hard to make sure my little one ate well for the past 2 years, so it was important to me not only what was on the menu to eat but what type of ingredients were used (ie: natural chicken, preservative free, organic cereal)

2. Sleep! What will your little one sleep on? What can your little sleep with? All crucial to ensure a restful sleep. Rested toddler=happy toddler

3. Education! Yes they’re little but education is so important. You need to give your little one the right start. Not only does a school need to teach different languages to encourage brain development, it should also have extra activities such as dance. You want a well rounded toddler:)

4. Class size versus teachers. Having a good teacher to student ratio is super important. I needed to make sure that my little one would be taken care of and given attention to when needed.

5. School values & environment. From the moment I walked in I just had a good feeling. From the cute decor to the school’s beliefs, I knew it was the right fit for us. Friendly teachers & director is always a plus! Preschool is an important step & parents always want whats best for their little ones. Use your knowledge, listen to your gut, & always ask around about it. Good luck!

Preschool=new environment so get ready for a runny nose, coughing toddler. Here’s a great soup recipe that can be eaten by adults too. Enjoy!



– baby carrots

-purple carrots


-small white onions

-green or red pepper






-chicken breast (on bone is the best)



-sea salt

*use organic ingredients when possible Instructions (time with prep: 1 hour 30 minutes)—If I am cooking this on weekends I would cook it during his nap time.

1. Wash chicken & boil in big soup pot

2. When chicken boils, turn it off and take out the chicken. Toss the water and rinse the pot. Wash the chicken under cold water.

3. Fill up the pot with water again and throw the chicken in.

4. Set on low heat and cover with a lid

5. During this time I cut up all the veggies. I chop everything up into pieces except the onion. Small onions I split into halves.

6. Toss in the veggies when the it starts to boil. (I put everything in except the parsley)

7. Put in the spices in. Turmeric I added a tablespoon for a big pot and a pinch of sea salt. I don’t add too much salt into our food but you can add to your taste.

8. Let boil on low heat. When veggies are soft, soup is done. Usually about 30-40 minutes after you throw the veggies in.

A yummy remedy:) image