Making Memories over Breakfast


I treasure the meal times that we eat as a family. It’s not always possible but sometimes we have breakfast together or dinner. It was always important to my family when I was growing up. I remember the smell of baked potatoes, marinated onions, and Kapchonka (a type of Russian smoked fish) as I would get up Sunday morning. What a warm feeling to run downstairs, the smell of coffee roasting hit my nostrils and the sound of my grandparent’s voices echoing in the hallway. What excitement it was to see my favorite people in the world have arrived. My grandparents would come over for breakfast at our house. I loved family breakfasts. We would sit all together at the table and eat breakfast, discussing anything from Russian news to school to the past to the future. My favorite stories were about when my grandparents were young. I loved to hear how my grandpa was a sailor and traveled the world and how my grandma was a nurse who took care of newborn babies. I miss those days, but I want to pass those days onto my little one through meals together. Healthy eating habits start to form from an early age if babies are directed in the right path. Incorporating the right amount of veggies and fruits daily is very important early on and sharing those habits at the dinner table just makes it so much better! Eat healthy as a family. With a hectic schedule it’s sometimes hard to include meals together but we do our best to try to have a few. Today for breakfast we had omelets and had fun being shown by our little one what he has learned so far. Share those special moments over a quick, healthy, and easy meal for everyone!  

A little history about this omelet recipe-

When I was little and stayed over my grandparent’s apartment my grandpa would make the best omelet ever! This is his recipe modified a little bit for my little one.

Baby omelet

1 organic egg

1 teaspoon of gluten free all-purpose flour (by red mill)

5 tablespoons of goat milk

Mix everything in a bowl

On a small pan spray some coconut oil.

Then add any veggies that your little one likes. I added shredded steamed green beans and broccoli.

Then pour in the egg mixture on top of the veggies.

Add 1 slice of organic baby Swiss cheese and fry on medium until ready

 It makes a fluffy omelet for your little one to enjoy! HAPPY FRIDAY 🙂

*Omelet is intended for babies over one who can eat eggs. Egg whites contain allergens so make sure your little one isn’t allergic beforehand You can also substitute dairy free milk instead of goat milk.


First Time Travels (since the baby)

Before we had our baby my husband and I used to love to travel together. We had our last trip when I was 5 months pregnant. As a Chiropractic student I attend various conferences and this particular one is every year in February on the east coast. I was excited to be able to go with my husband this time around; however, I didn’t know how I would feel about leaving my little one for so long. It was so much easier when I was pregnant he would be with me wherever I went, safe in my belly. Now he’s one and traveling with him is a little bit difficult especially to a conference. The trip was only four days but since family is all the way in another city we had to drop him off there first with our other four legged baby.

The minute we walked back into our place a sudden pang stabbed my heart. There wasn’t anybody running to greet me and lick my face. There wasn’t anyone to scream ‘MAMA’ anywhere. What a feeling of complete emptiness. Pure silence surrounded us as we stood at the entrance. It hit me hard. I couldn’t concentrate or pay attention. I had to be out of the house. It was such an overwhelming feeling. I knew my two babies were in good hands with their grandparents but the thought of not having them next to me left me heartbroken for a couple of days. A week away without my little one felt like a lifetime. He changed so much when we got back. He was showing us all these new things that he learned from his grandparents within a week. I was amazed. I was thankful for my parents to follow up on all my demands. My husband and I decided on strictly organic food and a schedule of sorts when our baby was born. So I gave a list of foods to my parents along with a list of a planned out day. I know the common phrase that a lot of people say “their parents and they raised kids before obviously” but things are different today. There’s more research and knowledge about what’s good and what’s bad now. I definitely don’t want my son eating any of the GMO foods. We’re living in a society with childhood obesity, cancers, and much more other health related diseases. This is just our way, how we parent. When I’m a grandmother that’s when I’ll have to abide by other rules, but for now even though it’s a different approach than the olden days it doesn’t mean its wrong. I am grateful to my parents for respecting our choices and giving us the opportunity to take a small trip away. Now I can’t stop hearing “Baba” and “Deda” (Russian version of grandma and grandpa) from him. It breaks my heart that their so far away. Our trip was great but I was so excited to hold my little one in my arms again. He’s one tough cookie and I am so blessed to have him!

Here are some tips for first time travels away from your little one:

  1. Use Skype or one of the other video chats. It meant the whole world to see my little one every night before bedtime.
  2. Make a user friendly list and schedule for the caregivers. Don’t leave them guessing what your baby likes. Write it down for them. It will make everyone’s experience that much better. Draw a smiley face and post it on the fridge.
  3. Pack your little one’s favorite books, toys, pillow, and blanket.
  4. Bring something special from their room. My son has a little car night light and car decals that we brought to create an environment that he is familiar with. It doesn’t have to be a lot but something simple to keep your little one happy.
  5. Call in for updates. I called every hour for the first two days. Give some breathing room for your caregivers though. Call at appropriate times. It’s hard to balance feeding a baby and talking on the phone. You know your little one’s schedule so choose a good time to call in.

It’s never easy to be away especially the first time from your baby. Make it as easy transition as you can so everyone can be happy and you can have a good time away! Happy, safe travels! 🙂