My personal trainer…

I have a personal trainer.
He runs me up and down the stairs
I know he does it because he cares
He made me work out at the park today
And when I wanted to leave he made me stay
We ran around the park happy as can be
He is always the one challenging me
We did tons of squats that made me want to cry
But he kept pushing me and I asked him why
“Fun Mama” he yelled out at me
I guess I really didn’t see
That I have a mini personal trainer taking care of me!

Big thank you to my son who is filled with so much energy for pushing me to ride the seesaw with him. My quads were on fire and when I wanted to stop he made me keep going. Who knew that toddlers can make you workout!


Quick & Healthy lunch after the playground : Pasta & Chicken & Veggie Bowl

I already had chicken strips that I made in the oven (see beach day blog for recipe) and I cut them into small pieces

Kids pasta (or you can use any pasta)

Steamed broccoli

Mix everything in a bowl and sprinkle with parmesan cheese.


Handful of kale, spinach greens (I buy the huge organic power mix from costco)

1 cup of frozen berry mix (also from Costco)-my little one likes to toss in the berries

1 banana

2 cups of Almond milk

You can use any blender to mix it and serve. My little one loves to help out making the smoothies and then drinking them. Good way to get in those veggies!


HAPPY WEEKEND everyone! 🙂


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